You Never Know

You Never Know

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We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas that I think some of us are so focused on shopping for presents, decorating our houses, and trying to fit all these extra things in our already busy schedule, that we tend to wear invisible blinders.

I don’t mean in the sense of not giving to others less fortunate, and actually, I am filled with joy from all the generosity I have seen this year. Our awareness and support to the less fortunate has been wonderful, and charities have been receiving more this year than ever.

I am grateful to be feeling extremely blessed, and not for one minute do I take it for granted, but, I don’t think Christmas is the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ And I mean no disrespect to those who do....I think it is a joyous blessing to enjoy Christmas and the closeness it brings to our friends and families. Heck, for some families, it’s the only time they get to see some of their loved ones, and that is a special cherished time!

What is on my heart these days, and I feel compelled to talk about, is the reality of the season. Many people become depressed at Christmas for all different reasons. Some have recently lost a loved one, or lost a loved one in past years close to the Christmas season. Some people are struggling financially and so stressed trying to juggle their bills versus presents for their family. Some parents will make monetary sacrifices for the gifts they give, and some will not be able to give at all. Some are all alone with no one to celebrate the holiday season.

I do not wish to be a Christmas buzz kill....there is so much joy to spread,  but I do ask that we all become a little more aware of the signs, and the people who we may think could be struggling a little at this time of year.

A helping hand, a kind word, a moment of your time, could make all the difference in the world to someone.

Merry Christmas and God Bless You All.





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