How Do We Make Sense Of Anything These Days?

How Do We Make Sense Of Anything These Days?

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It’s impossible to make sense out of senseless tragedies like the recent one in Las Vegas.

I don’t know how you all feel, or how this latest catastrophic event affected your life. If you knew any of the people involved I’m sure you were crippled with emotional angst, despair, pain and so many other emotions.

Even if you didn’t know anyone personally affected, I’m sure you felt similar feelings...... I felt helpless, horrified, sadness, and for a few days.....depleted of hope for a brighter future.

We all experience different symptoms when something like this happens, but we also need to realize that we all possess different tools to cope, and to rise above these devastating times. We can’t let evil prevail, and with a little soul searching we can look to our strengths and support one another.

There is no explanation to these kinds of atrocities and I think we need to first realize this before we can begin to heal. If we can lean on each other in times of need, we can overcome.

One of my favorite quotes from Nelson Mandela reads,

When we replace I with we, even illness can become wellness.

When difficult times hit my life, I didn’t know if my son was going to live. Staying in the ICU at BC Children's Hospital, I saw many critically sick babies, some of which passed away. I was at a complete loss; I wanted to crawl into a dark hole and I remember walking around like a zombie, wishing someone could give me some kind of drug to go into a coma until it was all over.

Fortunately, a morsel of strength wiggled its way in and, by the grace of God, I was able to believe in myself...believe that although I can’t control so many things in life, I could control me and my power to overcome.

My destiny changed the day my son Avery was born. Now it has become my life's purpose to help others who have gone through adversity. It doesn’t happen overnight but in time we can recover, and maybe even find a new purpose.

We can find support systems and even one day become a support system for someone else. We mustn't let situations that are out of our control cripple us. Otherwise. we become defeated and the enemy wins.

Events will happen in our life that we will never make sense out of, things we can never control. But, we will always have a choice with how we deal with it and, just maybe, if we try, we can find a way to make positive change for the future. That’s when we will win.





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