What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

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It amazes me how some of the people who don’t have much money, success, possessions, etc., have some of the happiest lives I know. What is their secret....and why are they so happy?

Of course, there are a few obvious answers, like maybe they have found their soul mate and could happily live in a tent for the rest of their life. Then there are others who have simple desires and needs....as long as they have their health, food and water, that is all they require to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

I sometimes wish I was one of those people, and I sure admire those who are.

My grandma was like that. Even after losing her leg she would sing and dance around her tiny farm house like it was a castle! She didn’t want much, and she was one of the happiest people I know.

I decided to explore this area of life because I think sometimes we get so caught up with our determination to get more and more, and our ego’s get in the way. We tend to want to compare what we have to what others have.....with what others are doing, and we lose sight of what we are doing; what truly will make us happy.

I began to look at myself lately, and try to figure out what I’m going to do with my remaining time. Am I satisfied and happy with my state of being?

I think when we hit our fifties and on, we realize that we are over the halfway mark, and begin to do some reflecting. I’m okay with being over that mark....as long as the remaining years are happy and spent with joy and fulfillment. Of course, we will always have some not so great days, but the good should far outweigh the bad.

It’s certainly a good idea to have some goals, or a bucket list. I don’t have one, just a ‘hall pass’ with Jon Bon Jovi’s name on it (kidding!)

Perhaps I will start a bucket list, though, since It’s a good idea to write our goals and dreams down; it kind of makes it a real thing when we can visually see it. From what I understand about the ‘Law of Attraction’, it is very helpful to visualize how we wish to see our future, and play out in our mind all our fantastic dreams unfolding.

Quantum physics has proved that the vibration of our feelings and thoughts actually increases the success to transmit manifestation. I tried this for my TED Talk.

Being an aspiring personal development public speaker, it was a very important ambition of mine to do a TED Talk. I began to watch many of the talks on YouTube, and I visualized the imagery of how it would feel standing on the red circle carpet in front of hundreds of people. I would picture the crowd and feel the nervous tension of my body tightening, and the excitement prior to my name being called on stage.

So, is that how I passed the audition to get accepted? I tend to believe it was.

Some people say they are happy people because the first thing they do when they wake up is say a bunch of positive affirmations to get the day started off on the ’right foot.’ Many find their relationship to God plays a huge role in their feelings of abundance and content.

A lot of happy people say the key to being so joyful is to surround themselves with other happy people. I really like this one, and wholeheartedly agree..... after all, it is common sense.

It sure would be difficult to remain in a positive state of mind if we were around grumpy and negative people all the time! As I mentioned in my TED Talk, a successful Harvard study has shown that being around people who are pleasing and smile a lot significantly increases our ‘feel good’ hormones, and promotes us to feel more bliss in our own life. It also helps us to live longer too!

These are all great ideas, and my motto is....whatever works!

I work on counting my blessing every day, and say them out loud so I can hear them. It really helps keep in mind that there are things to be grateful for, even in troubled times.

Let’s give it a try by doing a little self-analysis and measure our ‘happy monitors’. It’s never too late to make a few adjustments in order to experience more joy and spread our smiles to others.

It’s when we become aware that we can make positive change that makes anything possible!

Good Luck and God Bless





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