Why Are We Afraid to be Vulnerable?

Why Are We Afraid to be Vulnerable?

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Canadians may be known for being the ‘polite people’ because we are always so quick to say sorry.....even if we sometimes don’t think it’s our fault. It seems however, we have an easier time saying sorry to a stranger than a family member or loved one.

Somewhere down the line ‘sorry’ became associated with vulnerability, and we see vulnerability as a bad thing.

Heaven forbid we say sorry....it will reveal a major character flaw that we were wrong.

I know this isn’t an issue for all of us; there are many people that say it all the time...maybe too much. Do you know someone that says sorry a little too often?

Often it is the insecure type of person that tends to overuse the word. Perhaps this is why some of us have our guard up when there comes a time where sorry may be the appropriate word to say to someone. And not just any sorry but one said with sincerity.

It’s okay to be wrong; after all, we are only human.....aren’t we??? Well I think most of us anyway....The jury is out on a few people I know.

But seriously, listen to your heart and not your ego sometimes and take that leap to say sorry, with heartfelt conviction. You may just shock the %8#%@ out of someone, and as for yourself, you might be surprised to find a pleasing sense of nobility come over you.

As I see it, many people have deciphered it wrong; vulnerability isn’t a bad thing, it is a wonderful attribute that when allowed, can open us up to learn and grow more than we ever thought we could.

As some of you know, I do public speaking. This was a great fear of mine ever since my teacher humiliated me in school and I froze in front of the class. Well, that vulnerability transformed me into a person willing to face her fears in order to spread her message of the value to love, to be happy, and to rise above adversity.

I am not perfect. Actually, far from it, but that’s okay...we are always a work in progress. It’s knowing that we are a work in progress that allows us the freeing experience to overcome our obstacles.

It’s a great feeling to conquer a fear, or step outside our comfort zone and be vulnerable. You will be surprised at how you will feel.

There’s that famous limiting belief, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ Well, if that’s what you believe then yes, it’s true. But if you believe you can, then let me tell you.... that old dog will learn some new tricks!

So step out of your comfort zone, expose your vulnerability in some manner, and be amazed at what you find.

And please feel free to share your experience with me. I always love to hear feedback from my blogs. It helps me to know that there are people taking the time to read what I say, and affect someone in a positive way.

Good Luck and God Bless!





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