Gratitude in the Most Unlikely Places

Grateful in the Most Unlikely Places

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The most interesting thing happened to me on my bike ride the other day. I was on my usual route through the suburbs of Little Mountain and through the path along the graveyard.

I love this route because it has beautiful mountains and trees all around, and the hills are a great exercise. Plus, I always find great adventures on my travels, whether it be meeting new people, seeing some deer munching on leaves, or often finding little positive affirmations from the Universe like feathers and four leaf clovers.

Each time brings a new adventure and I always look forward to what may unfold; it really is one of my favorite things to do!

Well, on this particular ride, I happened to see an old and dear friend of the family, and one of my dad’s best friends, Wally. It made me remember how the anniversary of my dad’s death had just passed...19 years already. He was sitting on the passenger side of a vehicle parked on the path at the graveyard.

I hadn’t seen Wally for years but we recognized each other right away. I jumped off my bike and went over to give him a big hug. I asked him what he was doing here, and he said his grandson was placing some flowers on his wife's grave for him. Since his health was failing, he couldn’t make it up the hill to her resting place.

It was so great to see him. We reminisced about many wonderful memories and for a moment it felt like my dad was alive again. Wally has always been a very fun-loving and passionate person.

As we laughed about some great stories his eyes began to well with tears. He said,

Kim, don’t ever stay mad at’s not worth it. Life is too short and goes by so fast.


His words sunk to my core like a lead weight and profoundly affected me. On this hot summer day, his 90 years of wisdom gave me goose bumps. I will do my best to live by his advice.

We have all heard things like this before, and we all know it is not healthy to harbor negative feelings, but we often don’t follow the golden rules we are taught. Things are all too easier said than done.

However....sometimes.....someone, or something, reaches your soul and changes you a little bit.

I don’t believe there is such thing as coincidences, and when we are ready......when we are open to receive the wonderful graces of the Universe, we will be amazed at where our adventures take us.

Good luck on yours and God Bless!





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