It’s Never Too Late to Get Started - Stay Motivated with These 9 Tips!

It's Never Too Late to Get Started - Stay Motivated with These 9 Tips!

9 Motivational Tips


I find, ever since I started getting close to my fifties, I've begun to get a little panicky at the thought of all the things I still wanted to do in my life – with time running out.

It seems as though so much of our life is consumed with school, work, and family. By the time we can lift our head and take a breath..... we're fifty.

Now, that my kids are older and more independent, I finally have some time to follow my dreams and aspirations. But how do we get started......we've been so busy with work, kids, cooking, cleaning, and keeping our home's organized to the best of our time and ability, we aren't sure how to operate in this new social media world.

Yet, I have set some goals, and one of my major one's is to become a successful personal development speaker. I kind of chuckle because many people think that my ship has sailed. If there is one wonderful and valuable lesson I have learned in this life of mine so far, it is to never listen to the naysayers.

How in the heck would they know anyway and who do they think they are? Only our own selves have the power to control our thoughts and actions. In fact, most people didn't find their great successes until well into their middle ages or later.

Thomas Edison had always dreamed of creating a lamp that gave off light. Well, it took him over 10,000 failed attempts before he discovered electricity, and he was well past the middle of his life. Can you even imagine? 10,000 attempts! Wow, now that is some perseverance!

One of the most famous presidents of all time, Abraham Lincoln, who was arguably also one of the best presidents the United States has ever seen, was a failure at the hand of many careers before he became president.

He failed at farming. When he turned to politics, he lost the nomination to run for U.S. senate. Twice, was defeated in the run for U.S. Congress. And he was defeated in the run for the nomination of vice president. Indeed, there were even more failures before he became President of the United States.

It just goes to show, if we want something bad enough, we must NEVER say never. Never give up and most definitely do not listen to any pessimists trying to discourage us.

I almost didn't write my book because my pompous English Professor didn't think I had the writing talent. Thankfully, all the support and encouragement from my family growing up had helped to instill the belief that I could do anything; if I wanted it bad enough, and had the faith and persistence to see it through.

I pushed through my insecurity and wrote Bravery. It may not have been a best seller, but it sure helped to inspire and uplift thousands of people!

So far, since I have turned 50, I have been an Impact Speaker for United Way, did a TEDx Talk, started blogging, and taken on many other terrific things I have always wanted to accomplish.

So, for all of you who feel time has passed you by – think again! I have a 76-year-old friend who has started her book, and another 84-year-old friend who still plays on a baseball team!


Here are my 9 tips for staying motivated!

1 ~ Surround yourself with as many positive people as you can.

Like attracts like. Do you ever notice how your positive mood changes if you’re in the vicinity of a negative or grumpy person? Sometimes it's unavoidable in certain situations like our workplace or other factors, but when we can choose – let’s choose to be around positive uplifting people because it’s contagious.

2 ~ Filter out negativity and discouragement that sometimes comes our way.

I always remind myself that it is our choice on how we react to negativity or discouraging people. One of the phrases I try to remember to say every morning is, “It’s my decision, and I’m not going to allow anyone to interfere or negatively affect this beautiful day for me!”

3 ~ Exercise more.

I have found that regular exercise that includes cardiovascular activity and strength endurance is a terrific boost for feeling good about ourselves It also stimulating those feel-good endorphins!

4 ~ Get your blood levels checked.

Doctors are finding out more and more how middle aged woman are lacking in protein, along with thyroid issues, which can be very energy depleting. Good energy is key to staying motivated.

5 ~ Be kinder to yourself.

Don't ruin your day if you fall off your diet, or missed an appointment or a workout. We are human, and getting upset with ourselves only prolongs the bad feelings.

6 ~ Read more.

Read more non-fiction motivational books rather than those far-fetched romance novels or tabloids. You'll be energized and learn so much more. Plus, it's always a great idea to exercise our brain too!

7 ~ Smile more.

Scientific studies prove how smiling releases feel good chemicals in our brain which helps us live longer and healthier lives!

8 ~ Try to get outdoors more.

Being in nature arouses our senses, and literally 'smelling the roses' will help us feel better too!

9 ~ It’s important to make daily affirmations about our attributes and all we are grateful for.

I'm a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, and I know from my own experiences how thoughts become things. This is even more true when we attach the feeling of excitement for all we have to be grateful for.

We all have bad days, and there have been some for me where I just simply didn't feel grateful. But when I focused, I could always find something; something so simple as having my eyes to see the beautiful bird flying by, or the legs that carry me to my destinations. We can always find something to be grateful for.





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