Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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This past Sunday was Mother's Day and I hope that everyone who is fortunate enough to have their mom live close by had a chance to spend some time together.

I am blessed to have spent every day since I was born celebrating Mother's Day with my mom. Last Sunday was my 50th time and it struck me, for the first time, what a rare privilege this was. Across the world, wherever it may be, what we share is that we have a mom.

However, for many of us, Mother's Day is a sad one. Several of my friends have already lost their mom's, and some never knew their mom at all. Some have had great moms, while others have not. I wish to send a heartfelt blessing to those who don't feel like celebrating Mother's Day.

When we become a mom or dad ourselves, it sure gives a whole new perspective to why we celebrate this day. It's darn hard sometimes. I see why people say it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world ...well, to do it successfully that is.

Anyone can be a mom. To be a really good one, it takes patience, unconditional love, tolerance, sacrifice and so much more. We wear multiple hats..... teacher, janitor, taxi driver, chef, maid, and a string of others!

When I became a mom, it was the most exciting day of my life. Of course, the exciting part was only after the horrendously painstaking 17 hours of labour and what I thought to be near death. But once I recovered from that, I felt like I was a natural. I guess that was because I had learned from the best.

My Mom and Grandma were the most remarkable role models I could have ever learned from.

But over the years, being a mom hasn't been so easy for me. My daughter, Jesse, who is now a happy twenty-two-year-old, was diagnosed with autism when she was a toddler. This was the beginning of many frustrating years trying to deal with inclusion and a daughter who didn't fit in.

My son, Avery, was born with a critical heart defect. We almost lost him many times, but now he is a handsome 18-year-old high school honors graduate – even winning the Nelson Mandela Hardest Working Student Award – and is currently in university.

Yes, it has been challenging at times... sometimes very challenging. But it’s the rewards of having two healthy and happy children who fill my life with love and joy that have made it all worthwhile. It’s an honor to be called their mom.

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, with not great pay, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have become a better person from knowing them, and I'm happy they chose me to be their mom.


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