We All Need Mentors

We All Need Mentors

Facebook MentorsI have been overwhelmed with wonderful heartwarming calls, emails, and messages from people who have heard my TEDx Talk!

One of my favourites was from a lady who, after she read my book, Bravery, said she was inspired to follow her dreams, and now has her own successful hair salon and spa. It's a wonderful feeling to inspire someone through my story.

My intent to write Bravery was for using my adversity as a tool, taking my experience and transforming it into a purpose to help others. To hear its positive impact on people is most gratifying.

We all have mentors who have inspired us to be better, to try harder, and perhaps most importantly.... help us believe that anything is possible! I have many mentors, but it was my grandma who left an impression on my life which helped me understand that although we will go through hardships in life, with some very challenging and devastating times, we can become even stronger. We can use our experience, no matter how devastating, and do some marvelous things!

One day my grandma was standing on the sidewalk having a conversation with an old friend when a speeding driver lost control of his car and ran her over. Lying on the sidewalk and bleeding to death, she called out for my mother who was only 14 at the time. Mom was in the car and saw it all happen.

I can only imagine the complete fear and despair she must have felt as she approached grandma! Barely conscious, Grandma looked up to Mom and whispered,

"Barbie, do not worry, I am going to be okay. I won't be leaving you."

She said that as the paramedics prepared her for the ambulance.

However, the doctors told my family that they couldn't save her, they couldn't stop the bleeding... her right leg was completely crushed.

I learned so much from this story, especially that the strength of will can overpower what any doctor or surgeon says because Grandma did survive. A blood clot miraculously formed and stopped the bleeding before it was too late.

I also learned the value and powerful impact of mentors. Grandma lived on to help and support all those in our community who would go through a crisis, or lose a limb. She not only took care of them but, through her example, demonstrated how life can still be wonderful, even missing a part of their body... even if it doesn’t go as we expected or planned.

Growing up, I was fortunate to spend a lot of weekends at my grandma’s farm. I vividly recall waking up and being lured into the kitchen with the delicious smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the griddle. Every time she saw me she would say, "Oh, good morning Kimmy....it's another beautiful day!” I often remember thinking, “Uhmm, it's raining, what's so great about it???”

It wasn't until years later that I got what she meant. She meant it was another day to eat breakfast with the one's we love; another day to try and do well by others. When tragedy struck my own life, I shudder to think how I would have fared without the precious time I spent with my mentor, my grandma.



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