TEDx Talk: The Value of Human Connections - Unplugged

Well I did it! I actually presented a successful TEDx Talk without passing out or having a heart attack. The days leading up to the event were increasingly getting more anxious for me.....What if I freeze??? What if I forget part of my talk??? There was so much to be nervous about, but I couldn't understand why.....I was beyond prepared! I knew my talk inside and out, so why did my blood pressure sky rocket every time I thought about it? I started to Google tips to ease panic and nerves before delivering a public speech....which is kind of ironic since some my talk is about technology getting in the way of human connection. Except I do say....what we need is balance, and the internet can be a great resource as well as misleading and ambiguous. Anyway, I made a revelling discovery when I was reading how much of our fear can be based on a past incident that we don't even recall in our conscious memory, when all of a sudden I unearthed a shattering, horrendous memory from grade one. I remembered being in front of the class and being asked a question. I don't remember the question, but I do remember being humilated and feeling stupid when my teacher belittled me by making me feel dumb for not knowing the answer, and leaving me stand up front for what seemed like a painfully long and anguishing time! All over again, the feeling of humiliation and shame filled my senses the same as they did that day. And I finally realized why I was so petrified to public speak without any notes or answers held in my hands. It was't my incompetency or lack of intelligence at all...it was because of a mean old teacher. And that mean old teacher couldn't humiliate me anymore! What an incredible breakthrough that allowed me to deliver my TEDx Talk with passion and conviction! This realization also reminded me of another pompass arrogant teacher I had in university....my first year English Literary Proffessor. He basically told me I had no creative writing talent. When we are young, we are often insecure and lack self esteem, so we tend to believe what our role models or proffessionals say. I almost didn't write my book, Bravery, because of the influence his words had on me. Thank goodness, I finally pushed those feelings of self doubt aside, and began to write my story. I'm so glad I did because Bravery would become published to help and inspire so many people who have met with great adversity in their life. I guess that is why I pushed through all those years of fear to become a public speaker and send my message to as many people as possible. My message is more powerful than my fear! Now it is a passion of mine to speak at schools, and tell all these bright eyed and ambitious young people to never let anyone squash their dreams! If we feel a strong purpose and have the desire...then anything is possible, and any goal can be reached, no matter what anyone says.  


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