Check Up

Today Jesse and I are going to Children's Hospital in Vancouver for a check up on her back. Every couple of years since Jesse had a metal rod fused to her spine for her scoliosis, we go for a checkup.

Every time we I go there, whether it's a check up with Avery or Jesse, it brings a flood of memories back from 1998. It was our home for five months while Avery underwent all his heart surgeries. Although it''s been almost 15 years, it seems like yesterday when we pull into the parking lot. My heart races, and I begin to perspire as all the memories of that devastating time consume my thoughts.

It's bittersweet. After all, Avery survived, but the reality of how close that didn't come to be leaves a lasting impression. I feel a humbled gratitude for his survival, but I am sad for all the little ones that didn't make it home, and all the babies and children that are there right now, fighting for their lives.

Yes, today I will hug my children a little tighter, and say my thank you prayers.


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