Making Progress

Well, it's been a month since BRAVERY'S book launch, and wow what a whirlwind it has been!! So far Bravery is available at Pricesmart in Chilliwack and Save On Foods in Sardis and Abbotsford.

I am doing a book signing at Coles Bookstore at the Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack on March 30, 11:00am to 4:00pm, and hopefully will be getting a contract to distribute Bravery at their location.

Wow, it sure is an enormous amount of work to market a book, especially if you are a new author who is SO NOT social media savvy! Trying to learn everything at once has been a bit overwhelming, but I keep telling myself, I can only do what I can, and I will give it my best!

I am following Napoleon Hill's words that: faith, persistence and desire are a great combination to possess in order to succeed. I have always had those three qualities. If I didn't Bravery wouldn't have made it into a published book.

I also put into daily practise my favourite Albert Einstein quote, "Imagination is your preview of your life's coming attractions."

I would love to hear other people's ideas as to what keeps them going strong and being able to jump over the hurdles,  not to get discouraged when there always seems to be more ahead.


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