Speaking Engagements

Well, my new motivational/inspirational speaking career has gotten off to a fantastic start.

Two weeks ago I spoke to a group of seniors about following their dreams; its never too late! We all had a great time and I was surprised to hear by many who attended that I have inspired them to fulfill some of their dreams!

Last week a spoke to a group of middle high school english students about setting goals and reaching for the stars! It felt amazing to speak to these kids and let them know that anything is possible. The only limitations we have are one''s that we put on ourselves. Never let anyone tell them differently.

I explained how I almost didn't write Bravery because my first and second year english lit professor basically mocked my writing ability. I wanted these kids to know that if they want something bad enough, do not let anyone squash their dreams of achieving it!

I was surprised to see a line up of students waiting to talk to me about how much I inspired them!!

Wow, this is such gratifying work for me. It took many hours to prepare my presentations, but to know I was able to reach some, was worth every minute! I can't wait for more. Please email me if you know of any speaking engagements where it may be suited for me to come and speak.


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