Exciting new purchase

I can't speak for all women out there, but I sure have a difficult time buying really good mascara, and curling irons! Well yesterday I lucked out with both!! What are the chances of that???

First of all, I had a bit of time to kill before an appointment and Winners was close by so I popped in there to see what was new. I didn't have time to try on the usual 25 items of clothing that I usually do, so I checked out the accessories section instead.

I saw some great false eyelashes that I was tempted to buy, but soon recalled the last time I tried some and almost permanently glued my eyeballs shut!!

Since I previously have had great success in their curling iron/blow dry department, I sauntered over to check out what was new. I stumbled across the coolest looking curling iron I had ever seen!! It was a singular rod of round circles.

I''m sure I looked a little stupid as I plucked it from the box and held it to my head and tried to figure out how it worked. It seemed awkward, but the design was so unique, I just had to purchase it to see what it could actually do if I plugged it in.

Well, after I got it home and played around with it for a bit, I was excited to see that it was great! Within minutes I had random wavy curls that looked full and natural!!

 I think it's often worth it to try something new. It certainly applies to my motto; you never know until you try.

Gotta go now, but check out my blog tomorrow when I talk about my new found favourite mascara.

Yes, I finally found a mascara that actually makes me look like I have nice eyelashes!!!


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