Kim and Tracee's crazy Oprah adventure - Conclusion

Finally we decide we had better stop and ask someone on the sidewalk for directions. At the next stop light we see a policeman on a bike. I roll down my window and say, "Excuse me sir.

He didn''t hear me so I tell Tracee to pull up closer. Now I can tell he thinks we're trying to run him over!! Great, that's all we need is to be hauled into the police station! We'd miss Oprah for sure.

Once I began to ask for directions, his frown disappears as he explains where we need to go. We weren't that far off course so we figure will be okay. As we approach the arena we realize that by now most of the parking lots would be filled up. We see a parking lot to the left which still had space left so we decided to take it.

We knew we were fairly close to the arena but not sure exactly how far. Once we make it to the sidewalk we notice we are about three blocks down and two to the right. Yes, it's not that far if it weren't raining ''cats and dogs!!''

Tracee and I begin to run in our high heel boots tokim gemmell at homewards the stadium. I get the bright ideas to pull the scarf from my neck and wrap it around my head as we make our way. Tracee decides it's a great idea and does the same.

We are laughing so hard we can hardly breathe!! I don't even care, I just want to get there.

I yell out to Tracee, "Why are we laughing? We should be crying. This is not how I want to look to see Oprah!!"

Tracee can barely utter, "I know." Because she was laughing so hard too.

Finally we make it to the entrance of the arena. We have finally made it... I can hardly believe it! Quickly, I snap a picture of Tracey and I standing at the line up in front of the door. Oh boy, do we look lovely! Our faces dripping with water, and our hair soaked. (The scarves didn't work as I hoped they would.) Oh well, we just keep laughing because there is not much we can do about it now.

We had made okay time after all. Ten minutes to try and dry off,  reapply our make up and off we go to our seats with 20 minutes to spare.

Our seats were okay, close to the floor but near the other end of where Oprah would be. First thing Tracee says is, "How do we get your book to Oprah now??"

We scope the stadium thinking of a way.

"Go ask that security guard if he''ll take it to the stage?" Tracee says.

"I don''t think he will do that." I reply.

Tracee agrees. So now what???

I sat there for a few minutes, and listened to what Oprah calls the whisper. I got up from my seat as I thought, ''you never know until you try.''

"Excuse me sir, do you think there is a remote possibility I could get this book to Oprah?"

He took the book, opened it up, looked up at me and said, "Is this a gift to Oprah?"

I sensed a bit of hope and was kind of nervous in my reply, "Yes it is. See it''s me on the cover."

I don''t know why I said that, and felt kind of strange, but then he said, "Well, Oprah is accepting gifts, so I will pass it on."

What did he say??? Did he really say what I thought he said?? Why yes, I think he did. I passed him the book and turned back towards my seat wearing the biggest grin ever!! Tracee''s eyes were as big as saucers because she had been watching the discussion take place, and seen me hand over the book.

I returned to my seat. Tracee and I both felt a great sense of accomplishment, along with the feeling that it was meant to be.

Perhaps it wasn't an easy feat, but one well worth the chaos it brought.

So now we wait and see if I hear from Oprah....

I will keep you posted.

Oprah''s show was amazing!! Her humility and gratitude filled the crowd with such positive energy. I think for many, she inspired a new found encouragement to be the best that we can be. Plus, she was so funny and entertaining...I hung on her every word.


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