Oh what a feeling!

I had no idea how surprised I would be when the door bell rang and the UPS man said, "I got ten boxes here for you."

I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest! Five years of blood, sweat and tears and I am finally holding my book in my hand!! It is surreal.

Why am I so surprised? I knew it was coming. My friend said it''s kind of like when your pregnant; you know the baby is coming, but until you can actually see it and feel it, it doesn''t seem real. I thought her analogy was brilliant. Yes, I was pregnant with Bravery for five years. No wonder I kept leaking out ''happy tears.''

My new journey has officially begun!!

Kim and Tracee's crazy Oprah Adventure - part 1

My girlfriend Tracee phoned me to say hi, how are things going? The next thing I knew was she is ordering us Oprah tickets online to see her Vancouver appearance.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if my first shipment of book orders arrived before then.'' I said. Tracee replied with a heightened excitment in her tone, "I think it's meant to be Kim, I bet they will come"

Although the order wasn''t expected until the following week, a shimmer of hope told me if it was meant to be, the books would come. I said a little prayer, willing the books to arrive early. I thought, It''s three weeks away....anything is possible.

In the mean time a thought occured to me. In case my books don''t arrive before Oprah''s Vancouver apprearance, I will mail the manuscript. With a little googling, I found what I thought to be an official Oprah address, so off I went to the local Shopper''s Drug Mart to express mail BRAVERY to her. When I handed the post office person the package marked Oprah, she looked at me with a funny smirk, kind of like I had two heads. I didn''t really care, and I thought, ''just you wait lady, this isn''t the last you''ve seen of me.''

After that, for the most part I put my thoughts aside and continued with the daunting struggle of learning how to successfully market BRAVERY. Every now and again a grin emerged upon my face as I visioned Oprah calling me upon the stage to tell me she read BRAVERY and loved it. Vividly, I practised what I would say if it had come true. In my imagination, I was confident and at ease. In reality, I knew I may just pee my pants if it actually happened.

Now, almost three weeks have passed. It is Tuesday evening, and I had all but given up hope the books would arrive by tomorrow. Trying not to feel defeat, I carry on the evening with a half smile, but the burnt Chicken Cacciatore tells no lie.

Flopping on the couch for a moments retrieve before the evening bedtime ritual, Myah, my little four pound long hair Chihuahua, who thinks she''s a pitbull, alerts me that someone is approaching the door.

''You''ve got to be kidding.'' I think. Who could this be? I want to pretend I''m not home, but curiousity pulls me from the couch to answer the door.

I open the door to a UPS guy resembling Doug from the TV show, King Of Queens. With a pen in his mouth, he garbles, "Got ten boxes here for you. Where do you want them mam?"

What? Ten boxes! It must be my books!! What else could it be??

Turns out he had the wrong address.

No, just kidding!! It really was my first order of 500 books! Holy Cow... It was meant to be. I knew from that moment on my life had changed, and Oprah was going to get my book.

Stay tuned for part two of Kim and Tracee's Crazy Oprah Adventure.

Need Blogger Advice

I am new to the ''blogging world'', so if there is anyone who checks out my blog site, I would appreciate any advice you may have. I''ve just started me blog, and already am suffering from writers blog.

Actually, I am a new author who, up until a couple weeks ago, knew nothing about social media marketing at all!! My brain is close to circuit overload!!!

Facebooking, twittering, blogging, SEO''s....It''s all so overwhelming!! I am determined to perservere though. After all, if anyone would have told me 10 years ago I would have written a book, I''d of probably thought they were crazy.

Okay, well I must go now and google blogging tips for amateurs.

Wish me luck!

BRAVERY coming to Chilliwack Pricesmart February 2013

I''m excited to say that Pricesmart Chilliwack is the first official retail store to sell BRAVERY. Shelves should be stocked by February 1, 2013!!!

I look forward to seeing you all at the book launch, but if you can''t make it, you can pick up a copy there.


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