Check Up

Today Jesse and I are going to Children's Hospital in Vancouver for a check up on her back. Every couple of years since Jesse had a metal rod fused to her spine for her scoliosis, we go for a checkup.

Every time we I go there, whether it's a check up with Avery or Jesse, it brings a flood of memories back from 1998. It was our home for five months while Avery underwent all his heart surgeries. Although it''s been almost 15 years, it seems like yesterday when we pull into the parking lot. My heart races, and I begin to perspire as all the memories of that devastating time consume my thoughts.

It's bittersweet. After all, Avery survived, but the reality of how close that didn't come to be leaves a lasting impression. I feel a humbled gratitude for his survival, but I am sad for all the little ones that didn't make it home, and all the babies and children that are there right now, fighting for their lives.

Yes, today I will hug my children a little tighter, and say my thank you prayers.

Making Progress

Well, it's been a month since BRAVERY'S book launch, and wow what a whirlwind it has been!! So far Bravery is available at Pricesmart in Chilliwack and Save On Foods in Sardis and Abbotsford.

I am doing a book signing at Coles Bookstore at the Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack on March 30, 11:00am to 4:00pm, and hopefully will be getting a contract to distribute Bravery at their location.

Wow, it sure is an enormous amount of work to market a book, especially if you are a new author who is SO NOT social media savvy! Trying to learn everything at once has been a bit overwhelming, but I keep telling myself, I can only do what I can, and I will give it my best!

I am following Napoleon Hill's words that: faith, persistence and desire are a great combination to possess in order to succeed. I have always had those three qualities. If I didn't Bravery wouldn't have made it into a published book.

I also put into daily practise my favourite Albert Einstein quote, "Imagination is your preview of your life's coming attractions."

I would love to hear other people's ideas as to what keeps them going strong and being able to jump over the hurdles,  not to get discouraged when there always seems to be more ahead.

Speaking Engagements

Well, my new motivational/inspirational speaking career has gotten off to a fantastic start.

Two weeks ago I spoke to a group of seniors about following their dreams; its never too late! We all had a great time and I was surprised to hear by many who attended that I have inspired them to fulfill some of their dreams!

Last week a spoke to a group of middle high school english students about setting goals and reaching for the stars! It felt amazing to speak to these kids and let them know that anything is possible. The only limitations we have are one''s that we put on ourselves. Never let anyone tell them differently.

I explained how I almost didn't write Bravery because my first and second year english lit professor basically mocked my writing ability. I wanted these kids to know that if they want something bad enough, do not let anyone squash their dreams of achieving it!

I was surprised to see a line up of students waiting to talk to me about how much I inspired them!!

Wow, this is such gratifying work for me. It took many hours to prepare my presentations, but to know I was able to reach some, was worth every minute! I can't wait for more. Please email me if you know of any speaking engagements where it may be suited for me to come and speak.

Successful Book Launch

A huge thank you to all who attended Bravery's Book Launch!!

It was a huge success thanks to all my amazing friends and family who came out to wholeheartedly support us!!

Bravery has gotten off to an amazing start, and I have been flooded with calls from readers who have said they couldn't put it down!!

I'm overwhelmed with happiness!!!

Wow, what a week it's been!

Well, adding to my already long list of firsts in 2013, I had my first radio interview ever on Thursday. I have to say I was petrified to go on live radio, and worried I may freeze up, or trip over my tongue.

Sadie was the morning host who interviewed me, and I was so amazed at how comfortable she made me feel. As soon as she said, "Okay, here we go," I felt calm ,cool and collected.

I couldn't believe that my answers flowed effortlessly from my mouth! It was easier than I thought.

Thank you Sadie and Donny for making my visit to the 89.5 The Hawk so pleasurable!!

I also had an article featured in Thursday's Chilliwack Progress about Bravery. Jenna did a terrific job with the article, and Avery was excited to have his picture in the newspaper.

The biggest day of the week, Bravery's Book Launch, is only a couple days away. I think I'm prepared, but I am not too sure since I don't really know what to expect! I have never been to one, or hosted one before.....So we shall see.

One week to Bravery Book Launch and celebration

It's one week from the big day, and I'm getting a little nervous! I don't really know what to expect. This year already has so many firsts for me....first book published, first website, new career, and seeing Oprah live. A lot of firsts for the first month in to 2013.

Learning to blog, tweet, (or is it twit a tweet??? Lol!). Learning all about this social media stuff on top of marketing a book, is quite overwhelming at times. I certainly do not regret anything, and am so excited on this new journey, but I can't wait until I know what I'm doing!!!

If anyone has some advice for me, feel free to leave a comment on my website. Any helpful tidbits will be greatly appreciated.

If you can make it, and live near by, come to the launch;

Sunday, February 10 2013

Open House between 1:00 & 5:00pm

9240  Sutton Downtown Business Centre

Chilliwack, B.C.


By email:


Phone: 604-819-5299

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